There has been considerable discussion about black screen issues on AMD graphics cards. Please be aware that the “black screen” is actually a generic description of a crash.

Depending on when you receive a black screen, there can be different issues. For example:
Black screen immediately after Windows startup – Possible driver corruption / conflict
Black screen immediately after game opens – Possible software corruption (can be caused by System HDD, Memory), bad overclock, etc

Also be aware that SAPPHIRE has just made the following statement that is ONLY about the HD 7870, not any other series.

SAPPHIRE Technology has confirmed that a technical issue has been identified in two models of its HD 7870 series graphics cards, specifically SKU numbers 11199-16 and 11199-19 that were manufactured before Jan 23 2013 and before serial number A130300061911.

Cards with serial numbers after A130300061911 (ie A130300061912, A130300061913, etc) have already had the correction implemented.

This issue affects a very small proportion of SAPPHIRE’s production volumes and the company is doing everything it can to address it. Failure rates of SAPPHIRE products are normally very low, and the SAPPHIRE brand has a reputation for quality and reliability.

This technical issue can sometimes result in the loss of the display and a "black screen". Based on our analysis, only a small percentage (estimated 2 to 3%) of cards may exhibit the problem. The batches of product at risk have been identified, and SAPPHIRE is making every effort to provide support to customers who have experienced this problem. As such, any user who has unfortunately received one of these impacted serial numbers and had experienced the problem can have it replaced at his/her place of purchase, or through SAPPHIRE support.

Customer confidence and user satisfaction has always been highly valued by SAPPHIRE and, as ever, the company encourages users with any problems to contact SAPPHIRE support.

To all the users suffering this specific black screen with the SAPPHIRE HD 7870 model, or a different faulty card please contact your retailer (if within 1 year of purchase) or SAPPHIRE directly.

European Region:
United States:
Asia and Pacific Region:

If any users experience any issues regarding the RMA of their card, please submit a support ticket through the SAPPHIRE website and our technical team will be happy to assist.

As the official statement says, only a few batches are affected so your chances of a faulty card is dependent on the batches that your supplier received, and even if your card is from a suspect batch, you may not get the problem at all.

Thanks for your attention