This is a Guide for Rivatuners Fan speed control for Ati cards ( all current cards to date ) This is a real Simple adjustment . This Guide will show You how to set the fan speed manually to a constant speed ie. 50% / 60% / etc. etc. and bypasses the temperature setting of Ati's Bios setting ...

First we need Rivatuner Latest version can be Downloaded HERE !!!!!

Now we need to start it up .


After its Started . Locate the drop down menu that allows us access to Low Level Overclocking . ( Fallow the Pointer cant go wrong )


Since we are in the Low Level Overclocking window . Locate the Fan Tab . Click it . It should look like this ..


Now Locate the the enable Low Level Fan Control Box and Check it . ( previous image ) once you click it you will get a warning box as shown . click Detect Now Button . ( NOTE : if you are having issues with Riva Tuner remembering the fan settings after reboot Click the reboot now option as this will correct it )


Now you will have full access to the fan controls . Now Click the Fixed Box ( check it ) this will allow us to set the Fan speed to a constant speed ( Recommended Setting )


Now you can move the Slider to a set speed . I use 70% on my cards , as its not to loud and handles the temps nicely ( adjust this to your personal preference requires . If it still running a lil hot set higher . ) After you gotten your speed you want . then hit the apply button . ( NOTE : it may change a % or 2 so dont freak out if it sets @ 69% when u put it @ 70% as shown in my screenie )


Now locate the Apply Fan @ Windows Start Up and Hit the Apply button afterwards .( this will ensure it boots up to your settings , if it doesnt after a reboot which you will check goto step 1 and in NOTE : have RivaTuner reboot comp to get fan speeds may require you to disable the fan control which is simple to do just uncheck the first box Enable Low level Fan control and renable it ) Pretty Cut and Dry ... ( NOTE : Please again Dont freak out if its a % or 2 Different from what u set it @ )


Then Click Ok to close out Riva Tuner .. I highly recommend You have Rivatuner run in the Background ( SEE OVERCLOCKING AND MONITORING WITH RIVATUNER GUIDES ON the how to )


Now I suggest You Reboot the compy After you done these Steps and reenter Rivatuners Fan Controls to make SURE ITS RUNNING @ THE DESIRED SPEED .....

This Concludes this portion of this Guide Have Fun and Happy OverClocking .....