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Thread: 7970 Vapor-x Overvolt not allowed?

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    Default 7970 Vapor-x Overvolt not allowed?

    Hello to everyone!
    After some days of quite running my freshly new 7970 Vapor-x 3GB ed. ask me to make some OC.
    First of all my OC limit under stock voltage (1.2V) is 1180 for gpu. is it good, isn't it?
    With this OC i can play my favorite games 60 fps stable with 60° max and i like it so now i want to make some more OC with a little more voltage.
    Unfortunally via trixx or via Afterburner (latest version for both) i can adjust the voltage but is not really applied. There is a way to overvolt this card???

    Another question: there is a button on the card. Is that a dual bios button or something else? Because if i press it nothing changes.

    Thank you for your attention

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    which driver set are you using? - was this a clean build, or you had drivers / different graphics card prior in your system. if so upgrade to the latest AMD CCC (12.8 is the current latest) i tested the 7970 Vapor-X i have access to and had no problem overvolting above the stock limit through trixx.

    (to clean install your drivers)
    #1: Download and install “Driver Fusion” from here:
    #2: Download the latest Catalyst Drivers from AMD's website (do not install just yet)
    #3: Uninstall your current Catalyst Drivers, and anything involving nVidia. (I know most games need PhysX to run, but you can always install that afterwards.)
    #4: Reboot your computer into “Safe Mode”
    #5: Run “Driver Sweeper” and “Clean” anything related to nVidia and AMD (yup, both)
    #6: Boot your computer into “Normal Mode”
    #7: Install the latest Catalyst Drivers.
    #8: Restart your computer and test it.

    (about the button) Yes that is the dual bios button, pressing it will automatically overclock up to 1050 via powertune dynamic boost.

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    Thank you for the answer.
    BTW i follow all your steps but i still cannot overvolt, also the button seem doesn't works. The clock still 1050 button pressed or not.
    Other suggestion?

    Thank you

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    Hmmmm...not sure, considering that I never handled the 7970 6GB Toxic version, TacticalMouse and deadbc77 are the only people I know who actually has one. EDIT ADDED: Bah, totally misread that, but in either case, I'd recommend you go make a Sapphire Support Ticket.

    In either case, you probably would want to create a Sapphire Support Ticket here:
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    I have the same issue. I did a fresh reinstall of my HD 7950 Vapor-X drivers and I cannot change the voltage. Or at least in Trixx the voltage reverts back to the default 0.975. Afterburner doesn't even let me move the voltage slider.

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